Skt Petri Hotel


In central Copenhagen, at Krystalgade, you will find the modern luxurious Skt Petri Hotel. Skt Petri Hotel was originally a department store which opened its doors in 1933. For decades they catered to the inhabitants of central Copenhagen with primarily cheap merchandise and came to prosper and flourish especially in the 1970s. After that “Dalle Valle”, as the department store was commonly called, slowly declined until the owners decided to shut the business down in the late 1990s. The building however is labeled memorable and alterations to the facade are not allowed, except to restore to original details. This was actually done before the building was reconstructed into Skt Petri Hotel. The facade had been changed by the department store during the years into pale yellow but was now reconstructed to it’s original deep red color.

Skt Petri opened in 2006 with an aim to become the most luxorious hotel in the city as the reigning D’Angleterre at that time was worn down and felt a bit shabby. Skt Petri succeeded with its aim already their first year of business and was awarded a prize for Danish hotel of the year in 2006. It has won several other international prizes since. Skt Petri is actually owned by a chain of hotels – but you will not notice that all. This is a luxury boutique hotel and aims to cater to the modern urban person who craves the big city life style – but who does not want too much of bling or old time luxury.

The first thing you meet when you enter the hotel and go up the escalator to the lobby, is a modern, spacious, open room – housing the front desk, a lounge bar / restaurant and some modern art work. It has that flair of globality that you usually feel at airports and modern hotels such as this.

As all hotels get worn down pretty hastily Skt Petri has actually already been completely renovated, as late as 2016/2017 – leaving the hotel very contemporary and fresh. The rooms are spacious, with all necessary amenities that you would expect from a place like this: fast wifi, modern tv-sets with wireless connections, minibar (often included in the room prize), morning robes etc. The beds are super comfortable and rooms have air conditioning – which is actually not that common in, usually, cold Scandinavia. The service here is international in its approach, the staff is very attentive in that Scandinavian not-so-very-formal-but-instead-personal way.

The hotel has 288 rooms, whereof 26 suites are scattered over several floors. The Star Suites are the best ones and they are individually designed if still with the same colors. However, you may wanna check the style before booking, as some of them are really very luxorious with a balcony or even a big – to not say huge – terrace, overlooking the city. If you can book one of those, you are in for a very lovely time in Copenhagen.

There are also some theme suits like the sports suite with a massive foosball table – perfect for hosting your teenage kids while you take a Star Suite for yourself and your loved one.

Now during summer, Skt Petri also has its own courtyard open daytime and evenings. This is nothing short of a Shangri-La in central Copenhagen. As most people in Scandinavia absolutely LOVE the sunny summer weather, outdoor bars quickly get crowded, especially downtown Copenhagen. But this hidden gem is publicly not that known – so you get a lot more space for yourself and can both wine, dine, or even tan here – in the middle of the city.

Skt Petri is a wonderful hotel but they also feature a really good restaurant, P Eatery. The team there has been put together with some really eye catching names from places like three-starred restaurant Geranium. The food is said to be fantabulous!