After beach gourmet pizza the old fashioned way – Via Napoli

When stopping by Malmö you will hear locals refer to their city as the falafel capital of Sweden. However true that may be – falafel really is a big part of Malmö’s street food identity – when you actually feel like eating something not so healthy, we suggest going all in for a gourmet pizza instead. And nowhere in Malmö will you be served a better one than at Via Napoli, just a few blocks away from the beach in Malmö, making it just right for after beach. When you’ve had enough sun and the rosé wine is either finished or totally warmed up – just take a stroll (with proper clothing, of course) up to the restaurant at Sergels väg 11.  You’ll notice that this place attracts people not just from the local neighborhood, people come here to dine from Copenhagen, the rest of Skåne – as well as long way foodies who have found their way to this high quality Italian restaurant. Actually the owner’s husband is still living in Italy where he runs several restaurants so this is in a way a satellite of Italy in Sweden.

Here at Via Napoli they serve pizza the Neapolitan way – as one of the very few outside of Italy they hold a certificate from Napoli in Italy that they do it just the right way, or “forno à legna” which means that the pizza has been baked in a wood fired brick oven. Via Napoli takes pizza very seriously, to get the right end result they import most of their produce themselves, directly from Italy – such as flour from Napoli, San Marzano tomatoes that have grown on the slopes of the Vesuvio volcano, Mozzarella DOP from Campania etc. Everyone who works here is Italian and it can become almost parodic at times as the service is very very Italian in that superlative and slightly flirting way. Fortunately, they also live up to their own superlatives.

You should really try the Pizze Bianche which is white pizza, i.e. without tomato sauce. The Prosciutto San Danielle, pictured above, comes with fresh and extremely tasty San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella fior di latte, a wonderful prosciutto crudo San Daniele DOP (ham), arugula and shredded Grana Padano cheese. Tasty, delicious and so fresh you can feel the lush rich taste of ripe tomatoes much more intensely than you would from the tomato sauce of an ordinary pizza.

Via Napoli also offers gluten free pizza for an extra fee – and they also cater to a wide array of the Italian kitchen if you feel like having something else. But why would you? You are in pizza heaven so order an extra bottle of wine and just enjoy.