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Scandinavianways are slightly conservative when it comes to what’s truly Scandinavian. As you can see from our selection of restaurants we want to bring you the best of the food scene – that has something genuinely Scandinavian about it. The same philosophy goes for design too. However, we also want to bring you the stuff that’s new but still has that genuine Scandinavian feel to it.

A new brand to look at, that matches our philosophy, is ultra-fresh start-up Avery Milton. Sweden-based Avery Milton designs watches for the international market with inspiration from the Swedish landscape. They have that genuinely Scandinavian way of going about design; simplistic, stylish, elegant without at all being in-your-eye. In Sweden and around the globe the phrase “democratic fashion” has been flying around for some time – referring to fashion becoming affordable and possible for everyone to wear as well as the fashion labels/houses taking more and more responsibility for climate impact, taking political stand etc.

Well, affordable is not always in harmony with quality and this is where we think Avery Milton stand out from the competition. Whilst many manufacturers in the lower price segments go for really cheap movements made in China and make tons of money, others go for more quality quartz movements from Japan. Avery Milton however has obviously chosen to take the high road – thus they base their watches on a Swiss Made Movement which usually only is to be find in high end watches at a much higher price. As the environment is also a value connected to being truly Scandinavian they have based the watch case on surgical steel with extra low carbon content grade which also is extremely resistant to corrosion. From a high end watch you also expect sapphire glass which is exactly what Avery Milton uses, making their watches very scratch-resistant.

One part of the watch where we would have liked to see a Swedish product is the leather straps. To their defense there are not many tanneries in Sweden who can deliver premium leather at the level of quality that Avery Milton wants – the only one that does so to our knowledge is already working with the competition. So, deciding to go for Italian leather from Florence seems a pretty safe choice as the quality from Tuscany really is top of the line. Of course it’s environmentally friendly too, as Avery Milton’s wristbands are manufactured through a certified (and slow) vegetable tanning process instead of a much faster – and environmentally damaging – chrome tanning process.

What we really like about Avery Milton except for their strict Scandinavian design is the ambition to go into a highly competitive market, to do so with a premium product with care taken to the environment. And – to do so with a product that’s actually priced at the level of competitors with far less qualitative parts.

Avery Milton is just launching its brand and its first collection – The Como series. Besides getting inspiration from the Swedish landscape, Avery Milton has also found inspiration in the classic luxury destinations of Europe like Italy, France and Monaco. But for this first collection the inspiration comes from magical Lombardian destination Lago di Como in Italy. As you would expect, a collection with inspiration from Como also features watches in steel straps (silver or gold) which really is the perfect blend of a Swedish / Italian classic retro design perfect for our time.

Avery Milton is launching on June 15th and until June 30th they offer 50% off all watches. They will launch a first edition of numbered watches 001 – 500 and we suggest you go to their website to ensure you get yours.

And just so no-on gets confused, this is not a paid partnership. We found Avery Milton online and just genuinely like their collection, quality, ambition and design.

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