A luxury weekend in Copenhagen – day 2

After a long day and evening at d’Angleterre we head out in the city to try more restaurants. Copenhagen has many to choose from, but we thought we’d go about the newer additions of a modern cut. Both are superbly centrally located, just a stone’s throw from the central station and Strøget. Whether you intend to stay overnight in Copenhagen or not, both of them and are well worth a visit.

Gemyse – a palace at the Tivoli gardens

Gemyse is a gourmet restaurant housed by the five-star boutique hotel Nimb. Gemyse has the perfect location, right next to Tivoli, with main shopping street Strøget just around the corner. In the evening, the beautiful fairytale-like palace Nimb is illuminated with thousands of lights giving an ambiance of One Thousand and One Nights. Gemyse is the perfect evening restaurant if you are a gourmet with a sense of sumptuous and romantic Moresque architecture.

The dishes here are imaginative and advanced and the signature dish of smoked halibut on a bed of sour citrus is a taste experience that will surely make your mouth water.

Gemyse serves 8 dishes in total on their tasting menu where the finale is caramelized popcorn topped with a fabulous vanilla ice cream. Each dish comes with a glass of wine that is in line with the food and enhances the overall taste experience. Gemyse also has a la carte on its menu. In addition to Gemyse, Nimb also has other restaurants as well as a fancy patisserie under its roof.

Niels – the modern brunch

Niels is the trendy restaurant found at the newly opened, five-star Nobis hotel in the center of Copenhagen, address Niels Brocks Gade 1.

Niels is crazy trendy and has understood that long lunches, preferably three-course, are the latest in the restaurant industry. For a long time, breakfast at restaurants was á la mode and lunch had to stand back due to the fact that after a long breakfast you’d just eat your (small) lunch at your desk. Til now – as the long business lunch is having a long awaited revival.

Niels serves a long a la carte brunch with different dishes that can be combined into a three-course lunch menu. It’s absolutely the hottest thing in town right now.

If you want to be extra trendy, you should choose Cocktails to go with your food. Niels’ bartenders builds cocktails with sweetness, fatness and bitterness to match the food.

Niels is the perfect choice if you don’t have time in the evening but want to try a true gourmet restaurant daytime.

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