Swimming downtown Copenhagen

This is the image most tourists relate to Copenhagen – and also one of the first spots they end up – Nyhavn.

Nyhavn is really a great place – especially in those first weeks of spring when you’re craving for sunlight and something simple to eat and drink. But it soon gets crowded and just a tad too touristique. However – if you just walk around the corner – something a bit more surprising and genuine awaits you.

This wooden stair leading right down to the harbor and the ocean is actually a place to – swim. Right! You can actually drop your linen, get your swim suit on and jump into the sea in the middle of Copenhagen right next to Ofelia plads. When you feel like a day in the sun, just sit yourself down in one of the turquoise sun loungers in the image above. You’re at Luftkastellet and here you’ll be well catered for all day long. Sip wine, have a cocktail or three. And just like the locals in this picture you can jump into the water at anytime.

Ofelia plads is where you find Copenhagens stage for dramatic theater – Skuespilhuset or The Royal Playhouse. The building itself is worth a visit as well as it’s content. Skuespilhuset plays dramatic theater of high class. Together with Operaen – right opposite – they form Det Kongelige Teater, The Royal Theater. Ofelia plads however is a place for cultural events such as dance performances on the bridge, open air jazz concerts etc. A great place to hang out!

This time of year you can actually treat the whole area as a central-city-beach club. With its cafés, bars and restaurants – combined with the opportunity to go for a swim – you can be very well catered for as if you were actually on the beach in Nice or Barcelona. Watch the cruise ships docking a bit farther away, enjoy the maritime life with sail ships and private motor boats whilst you sip your champagne dockside.

In these surroundings you find the romantic Admiral Hotel with its restaurant Salt where you can get a good Moules frites and a chilled glas of white or rosé wine. Or just order some snacks like oysters, serrano ham or goral olives. At Salt you also find shadow and a classy outdoors environment.

Alternatively – if you want a more danish take on things – just take a small walk to Restaurant Skt Annae for some classic smørrebrød in equally classic and posh setting. Oh and while you’re in the area also have a look at the majestic opera house Operaen right opposite the Royal castle.

Operaen actually has its own fantastic background story which we’ll share in a separate post further on. Stay tuned.

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