A luxury weekend in Copenhagen – day 1

Copenhagen has become a real hotspot for travels in Europe and Scandinavia. A weekend in the Danish capital is simply a must. Long ago Copenhagen was considered the gateway to Scandinavia as well as the gateway for Scandinavians to Europe. Copenhagen has one of the world’s longest pedestrian streets, and shopping in Copenhagen can be both luxorious and trendy. Just soak up the glorious atmosphere of a laid back city.

In recent years, Copenhagen has also become one of the world’s most interesting culinary destinations, with all right. The Michelin stars have literally rained down over the city’s many restaurants and put Copenhagen on the international food map as one of the world’s best cities to dine in. Nowadays, international lifestyle magazines compete in praising Copenhagen’s various gourmet restaurants.

D’Angleterre – stay like royalty at the very best hotel in Copenhagen
D’Angleterre is by many considered to be the flagship of the city’s five-star hotels – it has been part of Copenhagen’s cityscape since the late 18th century. This white palace is a classic and timeless luxury hotel with much history, centrally located overlooking Kongens Nytorv. It was actually one of the first luxury hotels in the world and has housed many royalties and celebrities such as Winston Churchill, Madonna and Michael Jackson. Already at the entrance we are greeted by huge flower arrangements – flower arrangements that adorn the entire hotel. The color selection is sober, elegant and discreet. A large painting by pop artist Andy Warhol, depicting Queen Elisabeth, is placed on the wall above the reception. D’Angleterre combines classic furnishings with modern details where nothing is left to chance. The 92 individually designed rooms feature centimeter-thick carpeted floors, beautiful wallpaper in muffled pastels and bathrooms in antique English style . D’Angleterre also features a champagne bar, Balthazar, serving 160 different types of beverages, and a French Michelin starred restaurant, Marchal.
In the basement, you’ll find Amazing Space, the luxury spa and fitness center.

Nowadays Michelin stars are raining over Copenhagen. The D’Angleterre housed restaurant Marchal is one of those awarded. The large hall is elegantly decorated in muffled colors. The furniture is dressed in dark purple fabrics, the tables are in dark wood and in the ceiling hangs French, ancient chandeliers. The Nordic and French cuisines are joined at Marchal resulting in  beautiful and tasty dishes. The best appetizer is “Fried Brioche with Ramson Cream and Lumpy Sprouts” – small cheese balls filled with brie dipped by hand in a rum tube. Yum!

The most delicious main dish is “Squid cooked with oysters, caviar, champagne butter and radish” long tagliatell-like straws of octopus with a topping of oysters, caviar and champagne butter. Pure luxury on a plate!

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