Coffee outside in Malmö

It’s summer in Scandinavia, colors are lush and the temperature is heated. It’s actually so wam that farmers are loosing entire crops and people are already hunting for shadow more than sun, which does not happen very often i Scandinavia. Once temperatures are closer to +30C than +20C one does prefer to eat something light rather than a heavy business lunch. Scandinavianways took a stroll through Malmö to hunt for the best coffee places – places where you can find damn good coffee as well as light sandwiches or pastries.

Since temperatures are hitting +30C you may wanna seek shade while you’re still out in the open air. A great place to do so is Slottsträdgårdens kafé where you can choose to sit under a parasol or even crawl inside the greenhouse. Here you can eat sandwiches, smørrebrød, salads, burgers (also veggie burgers), enjoy a cup of coffee or sip some wine. The atmosphere here is wonderful and lush and very relaxing, situated in the middle of a park.

If you prefer to stay in the city blocks there are plenty of options for good coffee and modern style coffee shops in Malmö. One of Scandinavias largest coffee shop chains was started in neighboring Lund. Malmö has a great barista culture.

Noir is our top choice this time of year.

Noir is located in the old town in Malmö, the perfect place to see, be seen, meet up with friends and get a bit of a Parisian feeling to it. The food menu is limited here but they do take their coffee very seriously. The steamed milk gets extra twirls and shakes to get the foam just right – and the bubbles out – before pouring it down into the equally perfected espresso. Going to Noir is almost like attending the Barista World Cup, every time. But then again they are famous for their coffee here and by all means they should be. If you go for a light sandwich or a pastry is really up to you but don’t miss out on at least a small treat. You don’t have to go all in for a chocolate croissant but if you do… it’s bliss.

Should you want a richer sandwich we suggest heading to St Jakobs Stenugnsbageri. St Jakob originates from Lund but grew rapidly in the hipster-sourdough-trend that hit Scandinavia a few years back. St Jakobs’ bread can now be found in many stores around Malmö. They also have their own bakery shop at the central station, at Malmö Saluhall – and this cosy and calm little gem that double as an ice cream bar at Regementsgatan in Slottsstaden. The coffee is really good here but the bread is really what St Jakob is all about. So buy a sandwich and sit yourself down, read a paper or talk to some friends. And don’t forget to buy some bread to bring home!

But the french… oh the french! They just do know their baguettes and their croissants and their pastries by birth. So why not also check out Patisserie David. This patisserie is as french as it comes and located inside beautiful S:t Gertrud-buildings, that are dating back up to 500 years.

Just step right in and choose a sandwich, you choice of coffee or something for your sweet tooth. Whatever your choice – you will not be disappointed.

We went for the Tartelette aux lime with merengue on top – let’s just state that it is sinful to make something that delicious.

The patisserie also has tables on the very warm and cosy courtyard connecting the houses that build up to the S:t Gertrud complex. Sun or shade?

And finally. Equally nerdy about coffee and a great place to try different kinds, origins and styles is Lilla Kafferosteriet in central Malmö. Here you will find an excellent caffe latte but do try their filter coffee as well, you will hardly find a better place to do so.

At Lilla kafferosteriet you’ll find places to sit outside in the pedestrian street or take to the sheltered courtyard inside.

Enjoy your day in Malmö. And remember to drink water too!

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