Walking through 7 million liters of water – Den Blå Planet

Join us in our visit to one of the largest and most stunning aquariums in the world.

Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark is a great place to visit. It is Northern Europes largest aquarium and home to over 450 species of sea life and other creatures, and offers many incredible ways to experience the underwater world.

Here you can stroll through a 7 metre long tunnel through the biggest aquarium in the building, consisting of over 4 million liters of water – with the aquarium enveloping you from overhead and around. It offers a complete fish-eye view with hammerhead sharks, giant sting rays and manta rays, turtles, moray eels,  alongside a large array of other fish species swimming overhead.

Den Blå Planet displays warm and cold waters exhibits from the pacific, the tropical seas and the amazon to the Northern Arctic. It is said to hold 7,000,000 litres of water in total. You also get a chance to see the beautiful endangered coral reefs and organisms living in it.

There are screens on every tank displaying the species in it and if you want you can dig deeper and read more. All information is clearly marked both in Danish and English.

You also get to experience the tropical rainforest, luxuriant rain forest (generally composed of broad-leaved trees found in wet tropical uplands and low areas) diverse array of vegetation and other flowering plants. Birds can be heard chirping, butterflies flying around, the endangered phillipine crocodile can also be seen laying casually on a fallen tree trunk perfectly camouflaged.

Here you get to see a school of over 2000 Piranhas and the worlds largest fresh water fish, the Arapaima – native to the basin of the Amazon River- swimming leisurely.

Sea otters can be seen too. Feeding times are such a pleasure and really popular with the kids, However, maybe not a sight for the faint hearted!

The building architecture is a site to behold! The building was drawn up by 3XN a danish architect firm that also drew the magnificent Bella Sky hotel.

A view from the top/sky makes Den Blå Planet look like a whirling current. The inspiration comes from a whirlpool, consisting of five ‘arms’ that encircle the entire planet – from bird colonies on the steep fells of the Faroe Islands to the stunning corals reefs of the worlds oceans. It is surrounded by water giving visitors a sense of being beneath the surface of the ocean.

A  bistro is located right next to the sea and here it boasts great views of the Øresund bridge and region. There’s a picnic area close to the bistro, so u can carry your own picnic bags.

This is really a great place for a family with kids. There’s an outdoor play area covered in sand where kids can build sand castles, very popular too.

Den Blå Planet is quite easy to get to.  You can catch bus 5C from Copenhagen airport or Copenhagen Central station and stop at Den blå planet station or take the metro from Kongens Nytorv in one direction or from the airport it is just one stop away – just get off at Kastrup Den blå Planet station . You can actually also walk from the airport, takes about 10-15 minutes.

Lastly, the total aquarium building is easily walked through in a matter of two-three hours, it is not really huge, hence it is quite a good activity for a part of your day and with kids just enough for their attention span.

The entrance fee and bistro are a little too pricey, but then keep in mind that in Copenhagen, most places are pricey. We find it well worth a visit though.

Entrance Fee (for 1 Adult): 170 DKK (ca.  23EUR)
Entrance Fee (for 1 Child): 130 DKK (ca.  18 EUR)

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