Copenhagen Fashion Week – Saks Potts

Copenhagen Fashion Week has just been concluded and of course scandinavianways was there to spot trends – but also to bring you a taste of what modern Scandinavian design really is.

Many think of Scandinavian design as minimalist and toned down and that is of course true. However, it is not only that. As Saks Potts shows us here, it can be quite maximalist and colorful too.

Saks Potts was founded in Copenhagen as lately as in 2014. They’re an outerwear focused brand that is very fashionable.

Founders Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts came to realize that the most important investment for a woman to make – would be a beautiful coat. That’s necessary as Scandinavia is usually really cold and the outerwear is what you actually display to the world. Your outerwear is what people will identify you with.

Their philosophy is that you should stand out, brighten up and reflect your personality, rather than go the more expected Scandinavian or even Swedish way – to blend in.

Saks Potts plays a lot with colors but also care for high quality materials that will last in your wardrobe and work well cross season.

Well – being able to use it cross season may be true for the items above but we’re not entirely sure about the fur below… But we do find that it looks fantastic.

Saks Potts has had plenty of international acclaim. They’re acknowledged internationally and represented by very exclusive stores. They have also had their clothes worn by Rihanna, Lady Gaga and other world renowned fashion icons. We can see why – these garments really stand out. They’re a statement and the attitude of these garments remind us of Grace Jones.

You won’t find Saks Potts in many stores through out the rest of Scandinavia – but they are well represented in Denmark. However you can also find them online at net-a-porter, they also sell at Bergdorff Goodman in NYC.

Saks Potts has already received two Elle Style awards ”Unavoidable of the year” in 2015 and  ”Brand of the year” in 2018. We can see why: A clear identity, fantastic design, attention to detail at every level – and great cuts.

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