Copenhagen Fashion Week – Heliot Emil

Scandinavia in general, and Sweden in particular, is nowadays very much about being healthy and staying in shape. People run marathons and participate in triathlons like never before – not to mention even more extreme physical challenges. It adds to social status to stay fit and sporty.

Therefor it is of no surprise that fashion is embracing sportswear and sportswear becoming fashion in this particular region, even if that trend definitely is a global one.

In our quest to show you what modern Scandinavia is really all about we want to show you another side of Scandinavian fashion than the stereotypical. Danish brand Heliot Emil is one of those to have a lookout for, as they stand for a very modern aesthetic and are probably the most hyped brand to come out of Denmark.

Heliot Emil is a street wear brand that showed it’s first collection for spring/summer 2017 in Milan the year before. Behind Heliot Emil we find it’s creators, the brothers Julius and Victor Juul from Copenhagen. In their following you find artists like Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, Justin Bieber, Yung Thug, 2 Chainz, Future, Playboi Carti and Miguel.

Their collections are very much modern Scandinavia in terms of being much about unisex clothing with a sports approach in a very monochromatic and even military style. But this particular show titled “Referential Transparency” – which was one of the shows with the highest expectations at Copenhagen Fashion Week – also debuted their women’s line.

Heliot Emil’s garments are asymmetrical where the sleeves on tops were shortened on the left side, and  the pant legs cropped on the right to balance it out.

They took that concept to the extreme in the womens line, with high heels coming right up to the thigh on one leg, and cropped to below the ankle on the left, then adding elbow-reaching gloves being worn on just one hand.

Julius Juul is the designer of the two. He gets his inspiration from “thought provoking themes”. What that actually means we don’t really know but we find references to the rave scene of the 1990’s in this skewed, dark and futuristic aesthetic

Heliot Emil sources fabric from around the world but they combine it with japanese manufactured custom trimmings and final manufacturing in Italy, France and Portugal. You can find their clothes online and at Illum department store in central Copenhagen.

We loved their show in every way. This is fashionable, modern and fully in line with what modern Scandinavia is all about.

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