There are a few drinks that everyone who’s anyone is drinking right now, in the Swedish summer – to kickstart parties. Especially in the South in  Malmö town and in the regions around. You can find these at bars like Badhytten, Moosehead Bar, Boule Bar to name a few.

Cocktails are obviously delicious year-round, but in the  summer, when the temperature rises and the humidity sets in, there’s nothing more refreshing than a nice drink—whether a Bellini, spritz, or a nicely made caipirinha.

So next time you’re looking to cool down with a summer cocktail, be it at lunch,  fika time, or dinner, to impress your guests, at a restaurant or…..(indulge on your own!) – do it with one of these great traditional—yet super-simple—recipes.

Here are some of our new favorite cocktail drinks this summer, with the recipes! (Which one’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments!)… this list will be updated regularly

Select Aperitivo

Select Aperitivo is a classic Venetian aperitif that was created in 1920 in Castello district- Italy,  a place very well known for the art of liquor making.

It is carefully made by blending over 30 botanicals, including juniper berries for its sweet sharp and green-fresh citrusy clear  flavour, with rhubarb root, which provides intensely bitter notes for balance.

This original Venetian sprits is well made by  mixing 4cl parts Select Aperitivo in a glass, pour some ice cold prosecco from Italy ’til half the glass, fill it  up with lots of ice till almost the brim, top it up with soda water and leave a finger tip so it doesn’t overflow. Garnish it with a skewered green olive to give it it a bit of saltiness.

The taste is amazing and what we absolutely love about it, is that there is no bitter after taste as in the case of most aperitifs.

This cocktail was introduced to us this summer and the lesson to make the perfect mix was shown and well demonstrated by  the legendary Alexander Hokage. He is the bar manager at one of Malmö’s most notable buzzy bars Boule bar Drottningtorget , and he is well regarded among drinks aficionados for his extensive cocktail and spirit knowledge.

As cocktail enthusiasts this is definitely our new preferred aperitif of choice.


If you love Margaritas with a little flare, this is something that should be in your #drinksbucketlist. Tito’s handmade vodka has taken Margaritas to a whole new level. It is made by infusing Tito’s handmade vodka with some extra flavor save for the classic tequila they use Titos handmade vodka. Whether you like your cocktails simple or with a little flare, mix up your TitoRita with a DIY infusion.

Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a double rocks glass over ice or into a martini glass. For a spicy kick, add three jalapeño slices to the shaker.Garnish with a lime slice. Andreas Clarensius is a long time bartender now working with Berntsonbrands, who is introducing Tito’s vodka to Sweden. Tito’s is the third biggest vodka maker in the world and a charitable one too. Scandinavia is really the vodka region of the world so we do like new ways to consume it and infusing it with new flavors. Andreas’ best tip is to use a glass with a salt rim to get a perfect TitoRita feeling. It might feel good to know that a percentage of the sale of Tito’s vodka actually go to dog adoption centres – so it’s actually drinking with purpose. You’ll find TitoRita cocktails and Tito’s vodka at Moosehead Bar at lilla torg, Malmö. During the summer of 2019 they also hos a Dog After Work event each Monday from 4pm – 7pm where all doggies get extra treats and TLC.

Jack Daniels Lynchburg lemonade

This drink is semi-sweet, semi-tart, and very refreshing. After one taste you’ll realize why it’s long been a favorite. It’s fabulous and perfect for a lazy summer afternoon or a backyard barbecue. Best way to make it is to mix 1 1/2 ounces Jack daniels Tennessee Whiskey, 1 ounce triple sec , 1 ounce lemon juice 4 ounces lemon lime soda. Gather the ingredients. Pour the whiskey, triple sec, and sour mix into a glass filled with ice. Top with soda. Stir well. Serve and enjoy.

10 Replies to “SUMMER COCKTAILS 2019”

  1. At komme på Moosehead malmo en fredag aften er en dejlig oplevelse! Her er atmosfære så det batter. Mennesker der hygger sig. Mennesker der kommer forbi. Mennesker der kigger ind. Dejligt, dejligt. Vi spiste en overdådig tre retters menu med tilhørende vine. Bare rigtig godt tilberedt, serveret med lune og ultra præcist på trods af rigtig meget full house. Fredag er gå ud dag i Malmö. Man skal huske at bestille bord. Ellers er det bare at sætte sig mageligt tilrette og nyde hvert minut. Velbekomme!

    1. We totally agree Marette! A living room in the city, great staff, buzzy and welcoming, always a great atmosphere – and a great kitchen too.

  2. Great! Been actually looking for a number of places to take my friends on visit. They got a bit tired of my local pub 🙂

  3. Har bott i Malmö i snart 4 år, går alltid till mina standard barer och dricker alltid mina standard drinkar, man glömmer lätt bort att Malmö har ett stort urval av barer!
    Tack för en bra artikel!
    Mot baren och de goda drinkarna!!🤤

    1. Härligt! Tack för feedback. Perfekt väder för en eftermiddag/kväll med barhopping idag. Njut!

  4. Vilka härliga drinkar !!!!

    Vi var 2 per, satt i baren. Mysig och trevlig local.

    Så skön stämning och verkligen fin och unik interiör. Personalen är trevlig och drinkarna är jätte goda. Maten har jag inte provat, inte än. rekommenderar den med rabarber i och titorito

  5. Min cocktail Select Spritz var absolut lækker. De kommer med en pris, men jeg synes det var det værd. Baren I boulenb har en dejlig afslappet stemning til det. Vi var der før 6 på en lørdag så det var 🔥🔥🔥. Barmand var dejlige og chatty.

    1. Thanx for reading.Hopefully you get to try them soon. You will love them. 👍👍👍

  6. I have been to some of these places and I can only agree that especially in malmö, these are some of the best experiences I have had this year.
    I loved the tolito and finally I can try it at home.Thanks for the recipes.

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